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You didn’t get the grant. Now what?

What should you do if your nonprofit organization gets declined for a foundation grant?  Is it appropriate to follow up with a call to the foundation to find out why you were rejected?

I think an email is better.  Many foundations have small staff and won’t respond to your call.  However, I have found that many foundation program officers are very willing to explain their decision and talk to you about the project.

Send a brief email asking to set up a short phone call so that you can get clarity on what you could do to strengthen your proposal in the future.  This is a great way to develop a relationship with the foundation that can lead to future grants.

It’s a great time to develop your nonprofit’s relationship with foundations.  A Nonprofit Fundraising Survey reports that most nonprofit organizations were hopeful about 2011. Approximately 47 percent planned budget increases, 33 percent expected to maintain their current level of expenditures, and only 20 percent anticipated a lower budget for 2011.

And, in 2009, foundation giving made up 13% of all dollars to philanthropy.  So go ahead and cultivate relationships with foundations whose mission aligns with yours.  Don’t let a rejection get you down.  Use the opportunity to strengthen your proposals and get funding in the future.

Nonprofit Social Media Site

Of the $300 billion that was donated to charities and nonprofits in 2009, only 6 percent was submitted online. One of the founders of Facebook may change that percentage.

Chris Hughes’ new venture is called Jumo with a goal of connecting people with nonprofits and charitable organizations. The site will allow you to rate nonprofits, similar to what Yelp does for restaurants. Jumo will allow folks to develop relationships with the causes they might want to support -it’s not only about solicitations.

I was amazed to find that such a small percent of folks donate online-while you don’t get the same warm feelings as sharing a gift in person, it sure beats writing and mailing a check!

I think it’s fantastic that Jumo, along with Facebook’s Causes and Global Giving online are making it easy for people to learn about nonprofits and their good work online!

Corporate Giving: Think It’s Down? Think Again!

November 1, 2010

The majority of U.S. corporations gave less to charity in 2009 than in 2008, but the total dollars contributed grew, a new study says.

Almost six in 10 companies surveyed by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy trimmed their giving last year, with four in 10 cutting donations by 10 percent or more.

But the increase in giving by 36 percent of companies helped drive overall donations up 7 percent to a total of $9.93 billion in 2009, the highest total in four years.

A jump in in-kind donations from pharmaceutical companies helped fuel the growth, as did corporate mergers in which giving budgets were combined.

In-kind donations, which grew 16 percent last year, also helped make up for the two-thirds of companies that reduced their cash giving, which in turn fell to its lowest point in four years.

On average, about 29 percent of cash giving was directed to health and social-services organizations, growth of about 1 percent over 2008.

The only other category to see growth in cash donations was community and economic development, which saw an increase of 34 percent.

Even though the number of corporations supporting overseas charities fell last year, contributions to overseas organizations grew 15 percent from 2008 to 2009, driven in part by a few large, multi-year grantmaking programs and donations of pharmaceuticals to needy countries.

Looking ahead to 2010, the report estimates 40 percent of respondents will increase giving, while 10 percent will reduce contributions and half will make no changes.

From The Philanthropy Journal, Nov 1, 2010.

Top 20 Nonprofit Groups On Twitter

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports today the top 20 nonprofit groups on twitter. Here’s what they say:

The Top 20 Nonprofit Groups on Twitter

October 27, 2010, 8:01 pm

By Derek Lieu

Which nonprofits wield the most influence on Twitter?

It’s not one of America’s most established or best-known organizations. It’s Charity: Water, a new global-development group that has 1.3 million followers, far more than any other charitable group we could find.

To come up with a list of the top groups on Twitter, based on their number of followers, we only considered an organization’s official Twitter page. We did not add up followers for organizations with multiple pages (United Way Worldwide, for example, has dozens of local organizations), and we did not include well-known personal accounts associated with an organization. (Otherwise, Doug Ulman, president of Livestrong, the charity founded by the cyclist Lance Armstrong, would have been near the top with his more than 990,000 followers.)

Following are the counts for the top charities, based on how many followers they had as of the middle of this week.

1. Charity: Water (@charitywater) 1,308,128
2. Room to Read (@RoomtoRead) 457,158
3. ONE (@ONECampaign) 452,002
4. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (@gatesfoundation) 430,549
5. (@dosomething) 366,737
6. (@Water) 365,230
7. Creative Commons (@creativecommons) 364,809
8. Kiva (@Kiva) 357,148
9. Care (@CARE) 350,785
10. The Case Foundation (@CaseFoundation) 338,283
11. Acumen Fund (@acumenfund) 326,138
12. Ashoka (@AshokaTweets) 322,734
13. Skoll Foundation (@SkollFoundation) 320,057
14. Samasource (@Samasource) 314,298
15. Witness (@witnessorg) 276,553
16. Unicef (@UNICEF) 209,690
17. American Red Cross (@RedCross) 208,660
18. World Wildlife Fund (@WWF) 159,353
19. Greenpeace International (@Greenpeace) 109,579
20. Save the Children (@savethechildren) 106,162

Attracting a lot of followers is not the sole indicator of an organization’s ability to make a difference or raise money and attention. Only five organizations from the top 20 Twitter list appear on The Chronicle’s latest survey of the top 400 nonprofit organizations ranked by private donations: Red Cross (13), Unicef (21), Care (33), Save the Children (66), and World Wildlife Fund (173).

And while Charity: Water seems like a runaway winner, part of its Twitter popularity stems from a personal endorsement by Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder. Room to Read, a Seattle charity that builds libraries in the developing world, the second-ranked charity on this list, has also collaborated with Twitter.

Here’s a link to their site: